Willy Doodrop & Bubbles the Clown Show 



WILLIAM DOODROP WORLD'S GREATEST JUGGLER is one of Chris's more popular characters. He performs juggling with balls, clubs, cricket bats fire torches and machetes. He does hat tricks, performs magic, rides and juggles on his 6' unicycle and interacts with the audience to create a fun atmosphere. 

BUBBLES THE CLOWN is one of my favourite characters. She is Mr. Doodrop's side-kick and torments him no end!  Chris and I work together  to compliment each others performances with slap-stick, partner juggling and adding mood music via the saxophone throughout the show where appropriate and work off-the-cuff very effectively together.  We can read each others mind like a book and I usually know what Mr. Doodrop is going to say before he does- sometimes I even say it for him! 

Winner of the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2017 PinS Award.


Fees (Hunter Region):

Solo by Willy Doodrop minimum $440.00 or $4.40 per head.

Duo with Bubbles the Clown minimum $550.00 or $5.50 per head.

Outside Hunter Region: As above + travelling time/expenses

School years suitable: 

Years K - 6


Ship O' Fools


Debbie Kelly


02 49281523 or 0419430869


02 49281523