Perform Education: Science Week in Schools



Perform Education was a recipient of the 2015, 2016 & 2017 Performers in Schools Award.


An exciting science enrichment, educational theatre performance to celebrate National Science Week and the 2018 Schools Theme: Game Changers and Change Makers.


STEMania is a fact-filled theatrical presentation using action packed sketches, appealing characters, comedy, high energy and audience interaction that educate students about Science and Technology. 


During the 50 minute program, STEMania is played out through a series of theatrical sketches to create hilarious and fact-filled scenes that educate on STEM subjects, STEMania uses suggestions from the audience where performers will build educational sketches, creating a unique and customised performance with each presentation. 


Science: By applying scientific method to a cricket game, this sketch shows how science is all about asking and answering questions

Technology: A crazed inventor shows that technology involves creativity and innovation – making a link between an idea and physical objects to build solutions

Engineering: While designing a new car, an engineer solves complex problems through artistry, testing and the implementation of trial and error

Maths: Walking through a ‘day in the life’ of a student, the performers illustrate that we use maths every day! 


  • Science is about asking questions
  • Technology involves creation and innovation
  • Engineering involves design and testing
  • Maths is involved in everyday solutions to creative problems


LEARNING AREAS: Science, Maths, English, The Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education

GENERAL CAPABILITIES: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding

Cost per person: 

$6.00 + GST

Min Cost:

$900 + GST for audiences under 150

Min/Max audience:

150 min/300 max

School years suitable: 

Years 5 - 9


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