Perform Education: Cyber Safety in Schools



Perform was a recipient of the 2015, 2016 & 2017 Performers in Schools Award.


MyFriends Dot Com is an engaging and entertaining musical theatre performance that explores cyber-bullying and cyber-safety.

Emma arrives at a new school facing new friendship groups.
Dylan's unsure of himself so takes refuge in the cyber world.
Michael thinks he rules the school but is being a bystander to cyber-bullying the best he can be?
Hannah is Queen Bee but what feelings is she hiding underneath?

MyFriends Dot Com is an energetic, fast paced narrative with contemporary music set in a local school. The characters negotiate social pressures and self-worth through the prism of technology - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, chatrooms and iPhones - everyday tools with both creative and destructive potential.

What is cyber bullying?
What is a bystander?
What can you do if you are being cyber bullied?
What can you do if you're a bystander?
Why is it important to protect your identity online?
How to protect your identity online.
Self esteem

An interactive ‘hotseat' at the conclusion of the performance offers students the opportunity to question and debate with the characters and apply the situations to their own lives.


Cost per person: 

$5.50 + GST

Min Cost:

$825 + GST for audiences under 150

Min/Max audience:

150 min / 300 max

School years suitable: 

Years 5 - 9


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