Fizzics Education: Working Mathematically



Discover how to think logically about your results with a series of hands-on experiments! An integrated practical workshop designed to demonstrate practical applications of mathematics in science. Discover how pulleys and levers make work easier. Determine wind speed. How high is that building? Can you work out the number of animals in the bushland? Bend and bounce light using prisms and mirrors and more!

The focus of the workshop is to demonstrate that mathematics is a tool, rather than just to provide correct or incorrect answers.  As such the answers need to be evaluated carefully against how the experiment is designed.  Mathematical concepts cover algebraic techniques, measurement, integers, fractions, number paterns, angles, and geometric figures.

This primary STEM workshop visit is ideal for gifted and talented students or for those teachers wanting to extend their next maths class.

Cost per workshop:

$440 inc. GST for a 90 minute workshop or $1250 for a full day workshop.

Max audience:

30 students

School years suitable:

Years 5 - 6


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