Fizzics Education: Light and Colour


Your classroom is filled with colour as the students learn about properties of light in this fun interactive science workshop

- Investigate the visible light spectrum, including colour addition and subtraction

- Explore luminescent minerals and other objects using ultraviolet light

- Find out why sunsets are red and learn about colour and energy relationships

- Make coloured shadows and create hovering images

- Learn about translucent, transparent and opaque materials

- Operate zoetropes and flip books to create cartoons

- Learn about refraction vs. reflection and how to make a telescope

- Investigate optical fibre and it's use in hi-speed broadband technology

- Find out about your colour vision; can you see all of the spectrum?

- Mix creative colour changing chemical concoctions, see illusions and more!

Cost per workshop:

$350 inc. GST for a 60 minute workshop or $440 for a 90 minute workshop.


$520 inc. GST for a 60 minute show

Max audience:

Workshop: 30 students.  Show: 60 students.

School years suitable:

Workshop: Years K - 6.  Show: Years 7 - 10


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