Fizzics Education: Forces, Friction and Movement



Learn how the three laws of motion apply in everyday life!

In this science workshop we'll look in depth at how push and pull forces act to move objects. Students will be guided by our presenter in exploring what variables impact friction between two surfaces and how this affects an object's movement, as well as rotational forces in a variety of objects. In addition, time will be spent ensuring that students understand how inertia works. Newton would be happy here with this STEM content!

Cost per workshop:

$350 inc. GST for a 60 minute workshop


$440 inc. GST for a 90 minute workshop


$520 inc. GST for a 60 minute show


Max audience:

Workshop 30 students or Show 60 students.

School years suitable: 

Years K - 4

Company: Fizzics Education Pty Ltd.
Contact: Ben Newsome

1300 856 828 or 02 96742191

Fax: 02 96241988