CosmoDome: Immersive 3D Theatre/Planetarium: Oasis in Space (Yr 2-10)



The CosmoDome, brought to you by iSkies, is a mobile theatre/planetarium which provides an IMAX style immersive educational experience. This very popular audio-visual presentation surrounds the audience, watching in the comfort of a ventilated inflatable dome easily set up in the school hall or library. With stunning spectacular images zooming across the dome, the students are transported to an awesome 3D world. 

It’s an innovative environment to meet the present and future challenges in science education, developed by Swinburne University of Technology. Each session consists of an immersive 3D movie, Stellarium and discussion. Relevant activity sheets are provided. 

Oasis in Space:

An incredible journey through the universe and our solar system in search of liquid water. It links to the NSW schools science curriculum. The Structure of the Solar System is beautifully presented as we fly by the planets and their moons accompanied by descriptions of their characteristics, such as atmosphere, temperature, and composition. Splendid visuals with 3D effects along with crisp narration help students to achieve a clear understanding of the following: 

o Elements of the universe 

o Structure of the Solar System. 

o Characteristics of all the planets and some moons. 

o Is there Life on other planets or exoplanets? Conditions needed to form and sustain life. 

o Earth: A unique planet. 



An interactive presentation that renders the sky as it would actually appear on the night of the show. It studies the various components of the universe and our Solar system – planets, moons, stars, meteor showers, constellations, zodiac signs, nebulae.... the universe is yours to discover! An Excellent study in Space and Astronomy.

A novel concept in Sydney since 2005, CosmoDome has visited numerous schools both public and private all over Sydney and iconic institutions like The Sydney Observatory, The Australian Museum and The Powerhouse Museum. 


Cost per session: 


Min/Max audience:

30 per session

School years suitable: 

2 - 10




Sim or Prab


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Fax: (02) 9836 4817