Young Teen Talk (TM)


This concise and interactive 160 minute program is especially designed for PDHPE Stage 3 students approaching or entering puberty. It's stacks of facts and fun! Susie, an experienced midwife and sexuality educator, presents the program  using technical resources and sensitive humour to ensure students gain a holistic understanding about puberty and how friendships, health, reproduction, sex, respect and sexuality all link together. Students also gain an awareness of how to cope with some of the pressure facing them in our complex and demanding society. Parents are welcome at the discression of the Principal

Winner of the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 & 2017 PinS Award.

Cost per person: 

$20 per student  (Discounts for each twin & carer)

Min Cost:

$300.00  per program

Min/Max audience:

15 to 55

School years suitable: 

Stage 3, Years 5 & 6


CHI - Communicating Health Initiatives


Susie Blackwood, registered nurse / midwife


02 4934 5787 or 0416 148 545