Brainstorm Productions: Sticks and Stones Senior


INCLUDES: Bullying, Aggression, Conflict resolution, Anger management, Breaking the cycle of violence, Empathy, Friendship, Positive relationships, Safety, Peer pressure, Assertiveness.

Two energetic young performers explore the different forms of bullying in the playground, in the street and at home. It provides strategies for conflict resolution, anger management, assertiveness, and breaking the cycle of violence.

School yard scenarios are used to encourage students to have empathy for victims, and to understand that bullying of any kind in NOT ON. Dont take your anger or frustrations out on other people with your fists or your fingers on the mobile phone or keyboard.
Invading people’s personal space, name calling, taunts, homophobic and racist remarks and intimidation in person or on the internet are all illegal and have serious consequences.

Sticks and Stones uses strong sound-scape, simple costuming and props and theatre in the round to give an intimacy and immediacy to the action.
It becomes increasingly clear that the central character has developed negative patterns of behaviour through inappropriate modeling from peers, family members, TV and video games. He is also struggling against the hormones and adrenalin in his body and the “fight, flight” response.

The hard hitting narrative is punctuated with circus skills and juggling to demonstrate co-operation and the use of control through breath, focus and channeling energy into positive pursuits.

WINNER of the Frater Award for 10 consecutive years.
WINNER of the Australian Violence Prevention Award.
Seen and enjoyed by over 1.5 million students!

WINNER of the STAAR Stop School Bullying Award for 2016 and the Frater Award for 10 consecutive years. This organisation won the PinS Award in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.

Cost per person: 


Min Cost:

$750 plus GST if less than 125 students attend

School years suitable: 

Years 7 to 10


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